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Our offices are located in Moscow, Berlin, Nice  and Zurich. Are you planning to enter the Russian market or do you need legal advice in Russian labor, corporate or commercial law? We can help you!

We have been successfully assisting and advising western European corporations on their activities in Russia and the other republics of the former Soviet Union since 1982.

In the age of the cold war Prof. Dr. Eckstein  managed the representative office of the largest consortium of Swiss industry in Moscow. In this capacity he represented the interests of Swiss corporations such as Nestle, Sulzer, SIG, Buhrle Oerlikon, Andre Lausanne, Buhler Uzwil, etc. When in 1986 the dawn of Perestroika promised an opening of the vast domestic Soviet market, Prof. Dr. Eckstein established a firm of consultants.

Based on its deep knowledge and excellent contacts, over the past 40 years our multi-lingual team around Prof. Dr. Eckstein has been able to secure a leading position both internationally and in the Russian market in the areas of legal advice and, in particular, also interim management. Very close and long standing contacts at government and all levels of the administration enable us to service our clients considerably more efficiently and to find pragmatic solutions to a wide range of problems.

Our Credo


Since 1982 we have assisted numerous western companies in establishing themselves in Russia and in other re-publics of the former Soviet Union. In the meantime, many of them have assumed a leading position in this fasci-nating market.


We do not only advise our clients on how to resolve their problems. We actually solve the problems ourselves. Within the framework of providing interim management we put a complete infrastructure at the disposal of our cli-ents for their business activities in Russia. In order for you to concentrate on your core competencies, we can de-liver everything you need ranging from a driver, to an accountant or a lawyer.


As lawyers, accountants, tax and business consultants we know and understand the interdependencies between all aspects of a business start-up in the Russian market.


Our team of Russian and Western specialists understands the quality standards to which our clients are accus-tomed and can implement them under the exceptional circumstances of the Russian market.

We are:



Official Expert of the OSEC-the Center of Excellence for Swiss Foreign Trade promotion

Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Switzerland and Germany

Member of the Russian-German Foreign Chamber of Commerce


Member of the Joint Chambers of Commerce (JCC)

Prof. Dr. Eckstein is Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Switzerland