Certain business activities (e.g. tourism) in Russia require a license from the relevant ministry. We will make you aware at the appropriate time of any required license (the duration of the administrative procedures vary) and can spare you the visits to the relevant authorities.

Financial services

In certain cases our client or his business partner depends on a funding of his project. Occasionally you depend on a reliable financial institution, which ensures the payments of the contracting parties in different ways. In this case we fall back on partners in the banking sector who specialize in the Eastern European market.


The insurance of property assets, from transport to real estate, is becoming more and more significant. We are working with cooperation partners in the insurance sector, which have focused on German-Russian commercial traffic for decades.

Registration of real estate transactions

In order to take effect, an office lease for a period in excess of one year needs to be registered, as do orders for rights to real estate. For this purpose there is a specific registration authority for all rights to real estate. The legal relationships with regard to real estate are in the main governed in the style of Soviet administrative law. Foreign-ers have no chance of understanding it; or have you ever heard of a “Bureau for Technical Inventory Listing”? Without special knowledge, people wishing to register real estate transactions will, without doubt, fail. For our Rus-sian specialists, however, this is part of their every-day work which they have learnt to master over decades.

Formation of offshore companies

Thanks to our wide network of partners, we are able to form a business for you in most of the industrialized coun-tries and provide you assistance. Furthermore, we can form offshore companies in the following countries and ar-eas:

Bahamas Islands, Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jersey, Panama, Uruguay, Cyprus

Partner search/solvency check

At the beginning of business relations, the question of the partner’s seriousness always comes up. Due to our memberships in numerous German-Russian associations and organizations we have access to a large network of information. As the case arises, we have to analyze if and how we can help you find and assess partners in other countries. Often our contacts make it possible to connect our clients and preserve them from risky deals.

Cross-cultural management

When different cultures meet each other it is very important to show mutual understanding in order to realize com-mercial ideas successfully. Due to our longtime experience we are able to provide the required knowledge. Fur-thermore, there are companies and people that specialize in helping you getting over cultural barriers. We bring you into contact with our partners.