Prof. Dr. Eckstein is in Switzerland in the Canton of St. Gallen, a registered notary. He can provide notarial services such as Signature certifications, certificates of authenticity of copies, etc. In particular, when documents from Western Europe are destined for Russia and must be validly filed there, this service saves the customer a variety of activities.
The documents can be submitted both in our office in Switzerland as well as in our offices in Berlin and Nice.

Formation of a business

The joint stock company and the limited company are the most common corporate organizations in Switzerland.

The minimum capital to form a joint stock company is 100’000 Swiss Francs. It can be bearer stocks, so that the name of the owner appears nowhere. To form a limited company, the required minimum capital is 20’000 Swiss Francs.

The costs for the company formation amount to about 5’000 Swiss Francs. The minimal annual capacity costs also amount to about 5‘000 Swiss Francs. Tax regimes are different in each of the 26 cantons. Therefore, it is indispen-sable to define the field of action of the company first, in order to then choose the canton with the most favorable regime.

Tax consultancy

Representation of interests

Asset and legacy management

Formation of a family fund in the Principality of Liechtenstein offers a perfect solution to managing your assets and legacy.

  • Anonymity: statements about the fund founder’s identity will be kept strictly confidential
  • The fund founder can freely dispose of his assets
  • Reliability: even though the fund’s founder isn’t registered with any authority, mechanisms exist which en-sure a utilization of the assets in accordance with the founder’s wishes.
  • In case of death, the assets will be allotted as agreed with the fund founder.

As everything is based on the principle of anonymity and is taking place in Liechtenstein, you don’t have to pay death taxes.

Councillorships (board of directors, advisory board)

Real estate

  1. Property search
  2. Sales contracts
  3. Administration and commercialization

Visa assistance, work and residence permits